Services and Support

Leaders in the valve industry

AR Controls prides itself on its reputation for being recognised as a market-leading supplier of an all-in-one solutions offering for niche mineral processing projects that require products for isolating and controlling the flow of erosive and corrosive media. The company continues to consolidate on this reputation by abiding by the following fundamental business practices;

In-depth product and industry expertise

AR Controls employs a team of highly-qualified mechanical engineers that boast combined industry experience of more than 75 years. To this end, AR Controls has a detailed understanding of all of its clients’ processes. Together with a well-trained and knowledgeable sales team, AR Controls has unrivalled industry expertise to ensure that it is able to provide clients with a fully-customised solution that is designed entirely around the specific needs of each individual project.

Comprehensive stockholding

Large processing plants cannot afford costly shutdowns as a result of prolonged supplier turnaround times. AR Controls stocks thousands of units of a comprehensive range of valves and instrumentation, making it the largest stockist of its kind in Africa. This ensures that the company is able to provide substantially faster turnaround times than any of its competitors, which ultimately translates into higher efficiency and cost savings for end-users.

Premium brand product offering

All imported brands stocked by AR Controls comply with the highest standards of quality certification, ranging from the ASME N-Stamp nuclear component certification, to ISO 9001, CE and ANSI approval.

Fixed pricing agreements that ensure highly competitive total cost of ownership

Due to the large volumes of products imported by AR Controls, the company is able to negotiate fixed price agreements with its distributors to ensure consistent price stability, even in volatile market situations. All fixed price agreements are set in US Dollars for additional peace-of-mind.

AR Controls does not compete on initial product purchase price, but rather total cost of ownership over an extended period. The operating lifespan of products stocked by AR Controls is proven to be substantially higher than that of cheaper and inferior imports. This ensures minimal operational disruptions for clients as a result of less repair and maintenance work, which ultimately provides the end-user with a highly-competitive total cost of ownership and an excellent return-on-investment.

Dedicated after-sales and technical support and other value-added services


Fully engineered solutions packages

Instrumentation and actuation for the AR Controls range of valves is designed and manufactured in-house by the company to provide the end-user with a fully engineered manual or automated solutions package that is of high-quality and competitively-priced. Although AR Controls is a specialist in valve and instrumentation supply, the company has the capacity to serve as a one-stop-shop for large-scale projects, by sourcing quality products that are not in its portfolio from  reputable outside suppliers.

After-sales service

As part of its after-sales service offering, product experts from AR Controls regularly conduct site visits at its clients across Africa at no extra charge, in order to maintain clear and effective communication with its client base, thereby ensuring overall satisfaction. In the event of any failures, AR Controls offers repair services on its entire range of OEM products. Another major benefit of AR Controls’ after-sales service offering is its post-sales product training for on-site staff. This includes the provision of large laminated installation and maintenance diagrams that can be used as reference on its OEM products.

AR Controls’ product specialists also provide relevant technicians with full training on how to install and maintain the valves, through hands-on demonstrations, seminars, video tutorials and literature. In addition to providing substantial value to the client’s overall operation, product training also results in the upskill of entry and mid-level workers, who are often unskilled in many regions of Africa. This consequently ensures that they take more pride in, and ownership for, their work.

Plant audits

One of the most significant value-added offerings that sets AR Controls apart from the competition is its plant survey and audit service, which is completed by experienced and knowledgeable product specialists, who conduct a full tour and inspection of the plant in order to determine any inefficiencies or potential hazards with regards to all valves and instrumentation. A detailed report, complete with photographs, factual findings and recommendations, is then submitted to the relevant supervisor or department for consideration. The purpose of these plant audits is to provide a working document that;

  • Correctly specifies valve design and materials of construction
  • Reduces valve turnover ratios
  • Reduces plant stoppages and production losses associated to valves
  • Ensures standardisation
  • Reduces inventory costs